Monday, April 22, 2013

Adopt an Indie

These are the instructions on adopting your own Indie Author or Artist (located below):

Adopting an Indie Author and Artist is pretty simple:

Support your local Indie Author and Artist so they can promote more creativity in the entertainment 'industry' (it's only an industry if you treat it as such), whether it be in music or book publishing; any recommendations or suggestions of authors/artists, I will put them up here with a reel of their  music or images of their books/ebooks...even paintings with descriptions. I like to find new people to look out for.

When you help them get discovered (by going to local shows, hearing interviews, which I will be posting up here when I get the information, etc) as you adopt an Indie author and artist, you will notice more creativity in the music and books you come across and get exposed to.

*This is a segment I will be doing that showcases new talent that is otherwise unknown in entertainment. Thank You in advance for any recommendations and suggestions you have for a talent on the rise. I will try to check them out and put them up here. Everyone deserves to be heard and do what they love!*

Here's my suggestion:

He's a new artist on the rise in Atlanta, already doing multiple shows and  gaining in popularity with his networks in Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, reverbnation, myspace, etc.:

This is Money Meeko

More suggestions to come....


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