Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Poem of a Christian Atheist

The Poem of a Christian Atheist
 Dear God
Am I a good person?
What is good if we’re all sinners?
What can we ever do to gain your acceptance and recognition?
Can we ever hope to be unique, special?
Can we ever be different from our ancestors?
Are we doomed to commit the same mistakes as our ancestors? To have the same destined tragedies?

Do we just live, and die?
Will I go to hell, in my soul, for all the wrong I’ve done even if I am truly sorry, truly regretful?
Does it even matter?

I love you.
Your glory.
Your light.
And I pity that I will never attain or even hope to reach its magnitude.

All I see is demons.
So how can I not fall under the influences of sin?
I get angry at your high expectations.
What do you expect me to accomplish around all this immorality, depravity, sin, hate.

If you are to punish me, do it now…
I don’t want to wait
For the inevitable

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