Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wal-Mart Captured the Illusive Cookie Monster and Other Sweet Tidbits

Wal-Mart's cookie monster turned out to be the illusive Ms. Penny Winters, a long-time employee who regularly snacked on Wal-Mart's candy horde for several years; the candy of choice and instrument to finding out her guilt? Chocolate Oreo.

This should barely have passed for news, like the many other pointless or trivial articles on the internet, such a one I had recently come across discussing the sugar baby/sugar daddy *cough prostitution* 'arrangement' sites that have grown exponentially from 2008 to present for young college kids who are finding it very difficult to pay for expenses that could easily be wiped away with a rich 45 to 65 year old man in tow.

This is still thinly veiled prostitution by another perfumed or badly painted name, no matter how much you justify a 19 year old's lust for the hairy and saggy man flesh of a 60 year old guy. If it wasn't for his money, she probably wouldn't have even bothered with tenderly loving it, although I admit there might be some exceptions to the rule.

How many old men right now are clapping their hands and jumping up and down in glee yelling that they finally got a chance with the young girlies. (just joking. I revere my elders).

Anyway, this is more of a warning and decree from the Almighty Wal-Mart Empire than anything else that Corporate rule is strong and well in the United States and they'd like you to know it.

Wal-Mart could have easily done all this in-house instead of seeking to indict hapless Ms. Winters with a felony, and let everyone know it.

She probably couldn't help herself, like the many other comments in the said 'news' articles pointed out; Wal-Mart has been accused on multiple occasions of finding ways to pay their workers under the minimum wage and using taxpayer money through an array of our government-sponsored social programs to substitute for health insurance and supplemental income for their employees.
Check out Wal-Mart: The High-Cost of Low Cost documentary and you'll see what I mean. But Wal-Mart (and possibly the other special corporations that they and the government covet), are allowed to pay criminally low rates for cheap merchandise and labor in China, effectively killing many mom and pop stores in the process with such an advantageous combination while you get charged with a felony for stealing the cheaply made Chinese products from their tight-fisted hands. A misdemeanor I understand, but a felony?

This is a cray cray culture.

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