Friday, November 28, 2014

GMOs, Also Known as Frankenstein Foods: And Why They Own Us

Franken foods, bringing new life to something never tried before.

I think the benefits of GMOs are possible, but they're harped on too much. Too much for comfort, that is.

Yes, they can be something positive.

It's a new science that has some promise, but...

And there has to be a big BUT,

should we really be opening our arms to all our foods being genetically modified?

Not only does this reduce the diversity and variety of our food supply (which can be a bad thing if there's a new virus that wipes most of it out), but yes, it's a relatively new science that hasn't been adequately tested for the consequences, at least in my opinion.

It was just put plopped on the market. I mean, before this issue gained awareness, a lot of people I know hadn't even heard of genetically modified organisms in the food.

Anyway, another reason I'm against GMOs in their present form is because its not a very precise formula.

What I mean by this, is the process of creating genetically modified foods.

A technician will shoot a specific gene inside, let's say, corn, since corn is a popular GMO crop that's in most of our food.

Ok, so a technician will shoot a gene, as well as a virus in the corn to activate that gene...and therein lies the problem.

We still don't know enough about genes to truly know the consequences of this haphazard way of adding a foreign gene to new entities.

Once that foreign gene is in the vegetable, its gene sequence, the DNA, has completely changed. The information, or RNA, has manifested itself in a new way.

It is a new organism, which is why the Monsanto corporation has patented it. So, it has basically patented life.

Going back to the human body for some insight, if in the womb our body had produced another copy of a chromosome that it was not supposed to, we could have Down Syndrome right now, an incurable genetic disorder.

Any-who, one interesting thing to think of.

When GMO seeds/crops get contaminated with non-GMO seed/crops, it is still the property of Monsanto because the non-GMO seed now has the GMO strain.

Are we all owned by Monsanto because we have the GMO strain in us after consuming these GMO products that are 80-90 percent of the food supply?


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